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Academic writing skills are vital when writing academic papers such as term papers, research papers, dissertations, essays, reports and thesis papers. Students, teachers and even business people need to have academic writing skills. Academic writing skills comprise of excellent grammar, excellent composition and a stylistic approach that is consistent. Academic writing is a style of expressing oneself. Some of the characteristics of academic writing are use of third person rather that first person, formal tone, a precise choice of words and a clear focus on the topic rather that the writer’s opinion. Formal academic writing should not use slang, jargon and abbreviations.

Hence, academic writing is a form of formal writing. Many writers do not know the difference between formal writing and informal writing. Informal writing is easier that formal writing and it is familiar. Informal writing makes use of colloquialisms and jargon. Moreover, it is written in the first person, has an imprecise choice of words and uses direct personal statements. An example of an informal writing is the writing in text messages where abbreviations are used. Legal documents make use of formal writing. School papers, scientific papers, college application essays, college presentations, research papers and business proposals employ an academic writing.

Most writers aim at improving their academic writing skills. There are some key areas that such writers should focus on. Some of these key areas are shown below. The first area is strong academic writing. A strong academic writer should think prior to academic writing. They need to spend quality time in distilling information from several sources and reviewing the key points before academic writing. Writers should make use of a detailed outline which organizes their thoughts and ideas. Hence, it is clear that a strong academic writing has to begin with a solid plan. The other key in excellent academic writing skills is excellent grammatical skills. A writer has to learn the minor and major points of grammar.

A student should give writing adequate time, and get relevant feedback from instructors, professors or respectable writers. English grammar has a lot of details, but students can get to command the key points after a thorough practice. Students should invest in excellent writing references and dictionaries in order to acquire excellent academic writing skills. It is evident that proper punctuation and citation skills also improve academic writing.

The final key area for strong academic writing skills is having a consistent stylistic approach. A student needs to choose one citation style and stick to it. For instance he or she can choose to use MLA, APA, Harvard or Vancouver citation style for an academic writing.

There are several websites and companies that offer academic writing services for money. It is essential for students to rely on sites that offer original academic writing services. Such services are reliable since students are sure of getting original academic papers such as research papers, essays, term papers, reviews, speeches and dissertation papers. A reliable academic writing services provider has to have writers with excellent academic writing skills. The excellent academic writing skills enable the writers to write high-quality, original and authentic academic writing papers. Originality is the key to writing premium-quality research papers, term papers, dissertations, essays, thesis papers and other types of academic writing papers. A quality academic writing stands out and outshines the low quality writing.

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