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        Nursing is one of the disciplines where individual writing assignments of high significance. Educators and instructors place emphasis on such assignments because they improve the ability of students to be articulate and to provide reasonable justifications for certain choices of importance to education and nursing practice. It is in college where students are required to write legitimate school essays. In order to be an expert in writing legitimate school essays, students should take note of a variety of factors that influence quality.

 Start with Research

In nursing, most best-practices conform to the principal of evidence-based practice. It is because of this principal that every decision made must be informed by evidences from current research. In the same way, writers should ensure that their legitimate school essays are based on research. The reasons writers provide to support their positions in the discussion should include valid evidences. This implies that legitimate school essays should include citations at all areas in the paper where borrowed information has been used. In certain instances, it may be essential for writers to use quotations to indicate that the information presented in legitimate school essays involves quotes from a particular source. The next procedure would be to make citations of sources. Usually, legitimate school essays should follow certain rules of format in creating citations. The other thing required of academic work, in relation to citing sources, is the provision of the list of sources used to complete legitimate school essays. The list is normally referred to as the bibliography. This list consists of entries of all sources that the writer consults in building the central argument of the paper.

 Correct Errors of Grammar

There is nothing else that is more irritating in legitimate school essays than errors such as misspellings, wrong word choices, and poor vocabulary. These are mistakes that can be removed by the writer after the initial steps of researching and drafting legitimate school essays have been done. It is a requirement that writers proof-read their materials before handing them over for grading. It is, therefore, important that the writing exercise is scheduled so as to include time for revision. This is where errors of grammar and issues of originality are sorted out. It is vital that the writer re-reads legitimate school essays, notes mistakes, and takes time to eliminate all of them. The academic work should produce legitimate school essays with zero grammatical errors. Through exercises of practice, the writer can perfect grammar.

 Provide a bibliography

The other important thing for the writer is to provide various sources used for legitimate school essays, in the form of a list. Depending on the format, the bibliography should have sources organized properly. For example, certain formats such as the APA would require the writer to arrange entries in alphabetical order. Articles and books written authored by the same person in the same year would have letters of the alphabet used to differentiate them within the text when providing citations. Other formats such as MLA Style, Harvard Style, Oxford, and others have different specifications, in relation to the way in which the sources are required to be organized in legitimate school essays. This means that writers should read about each format and master the application of each format in writing academic materials, in order to prevent confusion.

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