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There are many firms that offer writing services to students. The firms provide writing services for different students. A large percentage of firms providing writing service are not legitimate. The firms have affected the performance of many students in different ways. For example, the firms have delayed submitting papers to clients at the right time. Also, the firms do not provide academic papers that are not plagiarized. A legitimate  writing  company  should conform  to the  laws  and  regulations  established  to govern writing activities  in the  country. There are few legitimate writing companies in the country.

First, a legitimate writing company should be able to submit custom papers   in time. Students  prefer  to  order  custom  papers  from a  legitimate  writing  company  as  they  are assured  of the  quality of the work. Also, the  students  like  ordering  custom papers  from  a legitimate  writing  company  as the  company  submits  completed  orders  on  time. A  legitimate  writing  company  should be able  to  provide  on time  delivery  for  custom  papers. The legitimate writing company should guarantee students success. Instructors penalize students who submit their custom papers late. This  is  because  the  students  are  given  enough  time  to write  their custom  papers  and  submit  them. Students who submit custom papers late get low marks in their custom papers. This affects their overall performance at the end of the semester.

Students who order custom papers from a legitimate writing company get high grades. The  students  are assured  of  high  grades  as the  legitimate  writing  company  sends  the  orders  completed on time. Thus, a legitimate writing company guarantees students good grades.

 In addition, a legitimate writing company  has the ability to write custom papers without plagiarism. The legitimate  writing  company  employees  writers  who  have  the  capability  to  write  original  custom papers. This  makes it easy  for  there students  to  buy  custom  papers  from the legitimate  writing company. It also makes it easy for the students to pass their examination. Not all companies are considered legitimate. Some of the companies do not follow the guidelines set. The companies offer poor services. Also, the companies influence student’s grades. A legitimate writing company should be able to offer quality services to students.

Moreover, a legitimate writing company should not exploit clients. The legitimate writing company should transact with the clients well. Most firms offering custom writing services are not legitimate. The firms are only aimed at making money. The firm have offered poor services to students. Further, the firms have affected clients in many ways. For instance, the custom writing companies charge high prices as they want to make profits. The firms do not provide quality work. A legitimate writing company should provide quality services. The student should be able to equate the quality of the services or work with the money he has spent. So, a legitimate writing company should not bed aimed at making profits. The legitimate writing  company  should ensure  the  services  provided by the writers are equivalent  to the  money paid by the  clients. This will help the legitimate writing company avoid exploiting clients.

A legitimate writing company should ensure clients information is kept well. Privacy and confidentiality should  be  top  priorities in the  legitimate writing company. The  legitimate  writing  company  should  adopt the  right technology to help promote information  security  in the organization.

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