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A research proposal gives a brief overview of a research paper. Research proposals inform readers more about a research paper, research methodology and the value of the research paper. Students should follow a given format when writing research proposals. The research proposal format has the following elements. First of all, a student has to write a research proposal using a simple language that is understood by non-specialists. This is to enable them understand the key points of the research proposal. A research proposal should not have references, scientific jargon and unusual terms. The use of scientific jargon’s complicates the research proposal and makes it incomprehensible.  The other essential element is a proposed research question. A research proposal has to have a research question determined by a single field of study. It is essential to avoid general research questions when writing research proposals.

A research proposal is made up of several parts. The parts of a research proposal are as following: The first part is the title of the research proposal. The title should be brief and precise. The title needs to render the key research proposal problem. The title should be a brief phrase that has up to eighty words. The second part of a research proposal is the abstract. The research proposal abstract is a clear summary of the research proposal. It shows the background information, purpose and the experimental approach of a research proposal. The abstract of a research proposal is approximately ten sentences long. A research proposal’s introduction should create a lasting impact that leads to hypothesis formulation. The hypothesis is more like a thesis statement since it is testable. The third part of a research proposal is the historical background. The aim of a historical background is to give a detailed discussion of the writer’s predecessors’ works in a field of study. It is essential to reference and cite all the information obtained from different sources of information.

The next part of a research proposal is the objective statement. The objective shows the aim of the research proposal and the solid purposes a writer intends to achieve. The next part of a research proposal is the technical approach. The approach gives a description of what a writer intends to accomplish. It refers to both theoretical and research basis. The final part of a research proposal is the bibliography. The bibliography gives a reference list that names all the sources of information referenced or cited in a research proposal. Students should write a bibliography in an alphabetical order.

Writing a quality research proposal requires a lot of dedication and time. The most challenging part of proposal writing is the methodology part. This represents the body of the research proposal. The purpose of a research proposal should be to answer the proposed research question.

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