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Speech writing is more like academic paper writing. In speech writing, there is no penalty for spelling and punctuation mistakes. A speech writer should use words that he or she is comfortable pronouncing and knows the meaning. Use of familiar words leads to fluent speech writing. Organization is of the essence in speech writing. This enables the audience to clearly follow the written speech paper. Inclusion of relevant material is essential for organized speech writing. An organized speech writer has to follow the proper speech writing structure. Intensive research is also essential in order to obtain organized speech writing. Research enables a writer to obtain or gather adequate information for speech writing paper. Disorganized speech writing often leads to misinterpretation and conclusion. It is essential for a student to quickly get to the point during speech writing. The writer should not leave the speech writing paper readers in suspense. Organized speech writing saves both work and time. Hence, a student can get time for doing other extracurricular activities other than academic writing. Organized speech writing keeps the audience engaged from the beginning to the end of a speech. Students should consider the following points prior to speech writing. The first point is for a student to assess the time needed for speech writing. If there is no time limit, keeping the speech brief and informative is of the essence. The other point is to consider and think of the audience. The audience’s perception should determine the tone of speech writing. Preparation of speech writing requires making of notes that are easy to read and understand.

Quality speech writing begins with an introduction. The introduction identifies the speech writer and the purpose of speech writing. Moreover, it clearly states what the speech is all about and the time frame of the speech. Speech writing introduction may also incorporate an anecdote, joke or an intriguing fact to capture the attention of the audience. The introduction accounts for 15% of the speech writing paper. After the introduction, speech writing is organized into three to seven points arranged depending on their effectiveness and importance. Deletion of irrelevant points in speech writing is also essential. This is to ensure that a speech writing paper contains only the relevant points. The next step is the actual speech writing. A writer should begin with the most vital points to the least vital and move slowly back towards the most essential points. Each point in a speech writing paper should be supported by use of examples, facts, statistics, quotations and other supporting details. The next step in speech writing is to line the introduction, key points and the conclusion using smooth transitions. The last step is to write the conclusion of the speech writing paper. The conclusion is a summary of the key points and restatement of the purpose of the speech writing paper.

A student or writer should rehearse and time the speech writing paper before delivering it. Presentation of a lot of information may necessitate the use of visual aids or handouts to help the audience remember the key points. Examples of speech writing papers are wedding speeches, executive speeches and public speaking speeches. Students can write term papers on speech writing or research papers on speech writing. Our company provides a wide range of quality speech writing papers.

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