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An essay is defined as a short piece of writing written according to the writer’s perspective or point of view. Essays have elements like political manifestos, literary criticisms, daily life observations, reflections, recollection and learned arguments. The definitions of essays overlap with those of short stories and articles. Most essays are in prose form though there are some essays that are in verse form. Essays form a key part of formal education. The aim of essay writing is to improve students’ writing skills. Admission essays are for selecting university applicants, and at times for assessing students’ performance at the end of the semester. Film essays are movies that use documentary film making formats, and focus on the evolution of an idea or theme. A photographic essay aims to cover a topic using a series of photographs. Photographic essays are sometimes accompanied by captions or texts.

The basic structure of an essay is the same regardless of the purpose of the essay. This means that argumentative, narrative and informative essays have a similar basic structure. Essay writing becomes an easy task if a writer follows the basic steps for essay writing. The simple steps for essay writing are as following: The first step is to decide on the essay topic. An essay writer can search for sample essay topics from books and other sources of information. The topic should be interesting to both the essay reader and essay writer. This means that a writer should choose an essay topic in the field that he or she has the expertise. The next step is to form an outline for the essay. The essay outline represents a diagram of ideas that constitute an essay. The aim of the essay guideline is to direct or guide a writer in the essay writing process. The outline has to be simple and comprehensible. The third step is formulation of thesis statement. Thesis statement is a single sentence that describes the purpose of the essay. It is essential for a thesis statement to be clearly stated at the last paragraph of the introductory part of an essay. The next step is to write the essay body. The body consists of the essay discussion. All the key points and explanation details should appear in the body of an essay. It is vital for a student to write the sub-points and expound on them. An essay should end with a clear conclusion. A conclusion is a brief summary of an essay, highlighting the key points that are discussed in an essay.

The last step is for a writer to proofread the essay and add finishing touches. Proofreading and editing ensures that an essay has the correct format and citation style. Moreover, it ensures that the final draft of the essay has minimum or no grammatical and language mistakes.

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